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What makes EVREN different?

EVREN ®, with its extended family of companies, is configured to the constant change that characterizes today's global business climate.

Construction is a complex and costly process that can challange first-time and experienced owners equally.Whatever the scope or nature of the project is, your success depends on choosing the right contractor.

The right contractor offers experience, competitive pricing, professionalism, integrity and a commitment to your project that is supported by quality and workplace safety initiatives. More importantly, the right contractor has a consistent track record of coming through for clients, no matter how big or small the project, EVREN is that contractor. 

How can you be sure? Put us to test. 

The right contractor will have no problem answering your questions factually and confidently, just as we do. As one of the most experienced general contracting organizations in Turkey, EVREN, below states frequently asked questions and their answers.

1. Has EVREN ever built a project like mine?

  • EVREN was founded in 1974. With such vast construction experience, the answer to this question is most likely YES.
  • Over the years, we have constructed factory, Office and residential buildings, shopping and logistics centers, hotels, educational and healthcare facilities, high- tech facilities (including laboratories), treatment plants, warehouses, recreation centers and fair halls. We have also undertaken renovations, restorations and interior improvements. Our sister company ESER has several references in the field of infrastructure projects.
  • EVREN's extensive database contains information on many projects.This advanced pricing system allows us to develop realistic budgets.You, in turn, can make important construction decisions with confidence.

2. Is Evren price-competitive?

  • Our group submits countless project bids every year.We are generally the lowest or second lowest bidder on more than 50 percent of those bids.
  • As experienced builders, we can implement safe, cost-effective construction techniques.
  • We employ very experienced construction workforces which allows us to complete major portions of any project with our own people.
  • Our wide machinery park gives us a unique edge in pricing and constructing your project.
  • We have an excellent reputation and relationship with subcontractors and suppliers across our working region.
  • We have building materials, construction machinery and insurance services companies in the structure of our group. This helps us to have lower costs for our projects.

3. How strong is EVREN financially?

Our bonding capacity is high. We have excellent relationships with the financial community. We work with the top banks in Turkey.

4. Will EVREN build my project on time and on budget?

Our clients are our best spokesperson in this regard. We have a long list of well known multinational companies, private & govermental organizations who know first hand just how committed we are to meeting budget and time line constraints. We encourage you to contact and interview these references. Related contact details can be provided upon request.

Many of our projects contain penalty / bonus provisions attached to milestones on a wide range of projects.

Our in-house sophisticated scheduling and cost control systems keep projects on time and on budget.

Our clients are also informed via project websites we launch with 7/24 site views and info.

5. How does EVREN meet customer expectations with respect to quality?

Quality is one of the corner stones upon which our organization is built. Employees strive to do more than meet client needs; we want to exceed them!

Our construction teams are committed to total customer satisfaction. As professional builders, we thrive on competition and innovation. Our goals are continious improvement and profitable growth.

We continually seek to establish new relationships and to improve business practices with our customers and suppliers, through such initiatives as partnering, strategic alliances or joint ventures. Once we start to work with a client, our relationship never ends. As a result of our high attention on customer satisfaction, our clients keep on choosing EVREN for their projects. Most of our turnover consists of repeating clients.

6. How does EVREN address environmental issues?

We consider environmetal protection to be an important and integral part of doing business. To protect the environment during construction, we are carefully committed to complying with legislated environmental standards and regulations.

7. What is EVREN's safety record?

Our corporate safety policy clearly states that EVREN is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all personnel.

All operations are subject to continious, rigorous audits of safety management systems. We are proud that accident frequency is nearly zero in our projects.

8. How will EVREN manage my project?

The operations team assigned to your projects will take full advantage of all avaliable resources. EVREN's management team takes a hands-on approach to every project. We apply leading edge systems to all phases of your project, from pre-construction services through to construction. Our client reporting systems are clearly formatted to meet your needs.

9. What sets EVREN apart from other contractors?

  • Most of our staff have attained their 10th anniversary of working for EVREN. This number reaches to 20 years for our managing staff.
  • Once we work with a new client, they keep on working with us: %80 of our turnover consists of repeating clients.
  • EVREN carries out its operations through a number of subsidiary companies which operate in different sectors.

Whatever your construction needs, you can rely on EVREN®.

To learn more about our Group and receive brochures please contact us. Contact details are given in the "Contact Us" part.



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