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Bridges and Viaducts
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Felahiye Kizilirmak Viaduct
Length: 450 m / Height: 50 m / Length of Prefab Beams: 36 m.

Atbara Bridge over Blue Nile Sudan
Length: 440 m / Width: 18 m / Pile: 4.356 m / Drilling: 2.120 m.

Pastarnacu and Catunu Bridges in Romania

Crossover Railway in Satu Mare on the Route DN 19 Petea (Romania) - Csengersima (Hungary)
The EU funded crossover will link Hungary through Romania to Ukraine. The 6 mil. EUR contract comprises a crossover with a length of 688 m, width of 11.8 m, 30 spans, 2 approach ramps of 132 m and 352 m, the rehabilitation of a 750 m street, an interchange with the boulevard, relocation works of water, sewer, gas, telephone and railway signalization. The works were completed in August 2007.



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Pastarnacu and Catunu Bridges in Romania have been completed and opened for traffic. Click here to view pictures.