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Clients listed by name
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  • ASELSAN Military Electronics Ind. and Trade Inc.
  • ASSAN Aluminium Inc.
  • ASSAN HANIL Automotive Ind. and Trade Inc.
  • Bank Ukraine
  • EGE TV Channel Studios
  • Club KARDIA Hotel and Holiday Village
  • DEBANT Plastics Ind. and Trade Inc.
  • EGE STEEL Ind. and Trade Inc.
  • Erciyes University Organ Transplantation Hospital
  • FORMULA 1 Istanbul Investments Inc.
  • HYUNDAI - ASSAN Automotive
  • ISTANBUL World Trade Center
  • KAYSERI World Trade Center
  • Meyer & Meyer International Forwarding and Logistics
  • METRO Cash and Carry AG
  • Ministry of Education of Republic of Turkey
  • SEMIHA KIBAR Mansions
  • SIEMENS SIMKO Electronics
  • S.S. Corlu Leather Industrial Zone
  • S.S. Low Income Residential Cooperative
  • S.S. Maslak Constructors Cooperative
  • TOP-EL Textile Ind. and Trade Inc.
  • ULKER Pendik Starch Ind. and Trade Inc.


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