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In this ever changing construction practice, EVREN is proud to start the first " e-Construction" initiative in Turkey !

Web-based technologies can find numerous applications in the design and construction industries and hold promise to revolutionize the current practice based mostly on paper, fax and e-mail. Such applications range from field inspection to site procurement of materials. For instance, by Internet enabled technologies, one could readily compare the as-built site condition with the planned design information; one could also enquire availability of materials and receive immediate response to change orders. This initiative will seek to investigate the issues that will allow the incorporation of web technologies into a distributed engineering services environment and to facilitate the design and construction practice.

The initiative will carry research and provide value in the following areas:

  • Structured data transfers by the use of XML (eXtended Markup Language), utilization of aecXML in future projects.
  • Preparing dynamic applications using the Microsoft's .NET technology
  • Implementing widely used existing technology to the company's future bids.

EVREN launches project websites for its large scale projects. Our aim is to inform our clients and public on a 7/24 basis using the web and create information sources for the sector members, construction related professionals and students.


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